About me

I’m an Assistant Professor of Geography at Kent State University.

In addition to being an enthusiastic travel-the-world, explore-my-backyard geographer, I am also an avid photographer & cartographer, graphic designer, and former newspaper reporter. As such, my research and teaching work towards finding a balance between communication of scientific knowledge to students and the creation of useful end products for the communities where I work.

My dissertation (University of Southern California, May 2009) examined the effects of global contemporary change in small towns, connecting theoretical understandings of place and space to on-the-ground outcomes. I spent nine months in seven towns in the American West, interviewing local residents and key decision-makers to learn how their towns experience and react to socio-economic and environmental change.

I use these experiences to help students to better understand the connection between the global and the local, and how to discuss and describe these topics in a digital world.newmapes

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